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Break-dancing at the Metropol Parasol, Sevilla

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go up Sevilla’s Metropol Parasol in the midday sun; we went up in the evening, when it was cooler, and the city’s lights were on, and we could enjoy the night views and the soothing breezes. The Parasol is the most extraordinary living sculpture, a vast structure of latticed timber […]

Real Alcazar, Sevilla

The Real Alcazar, the royal residence built in 1364 by Pedro the First within the Almohad palaces of Spain’s former Moorish rulers, is a place of breathtaking beauty, the subtlety, the delicacy, the perfection of its spaces a song for the soul. A long outer wall curves along the boundary of Santa Cruz, the Juderia […]

Santa Cruz, Sevilla

My guidebook – the estimable DK Eyewitness Travel volume on Spain – says of the Santa Cruz district of Sevilla that it represents Seville ‘at its most romantic and compact.’ I would agree. A maze of narrow alleys and quiet plazas, Santa Cruz was once a Jewish ghetto, but now is a tourist mecca – […]

Sangria, Limonada, Sevilla

When you have friends visiting from Germany, as we do – friends my wife hasn’t seen for twenty years, friends I have never met – you will understand, perhaps, why my series of posts on our trip to Spain has come to a (temporary) standstill. Throw in the pressures of work and business travel, plus […]

Guitar maker, Sevilla

Two-and-a-half hours or so by high-speed train, through rugged country and farmland, brought us to the city of Sevilla, where the temperature was 36 Celsius and the sun was infernally burning deep into the old stone plazas and narrow lanes of the touristy but beautiful quarter of Santa Cruz where, after casting about with increasing […]

Quirky Madrid

Madrid is a cosmopolitan capital, a seat of empire, replete with boulevards, fountains, museums, palaces – and of course more cathedrals and churches per square mile than the British have pubs. It is also a city of narrow, crooked streets, bars, restaurants, whole stores dedicated to jamon, turron and other delicacies and treats, a city […]

Blacksmith Plover

From photographs of birds, taken during my recent field trip to the Marievale Bird Sanctuary, this blog will see a change of scene, to our travels in Spain – but only when we are back, Rob and I, towards the end of September, from Andalucia and Madrid. Meanwhile here is one image – a blacksmith […]