Planet Earth

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking suggests (for the BBC article, see Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal ‘own goal’ – BBC News ) that the explosion of scientific knowledge creates – along with the many and obvious benefits – new risks of things going wrong, nuclear disaster and global warming being just two of them. The risks, in any event, of some cosmic event beyond our control are ‘almost certain,’ over the longer term, so over the longer term, he believes, we’d better be finding ourselves another planet. But until then, we’ve only got this one, and we’d better look after it.

(A note to the Reader: much of this blog will be about things that life is too short to put up with – bad design, bad language. But it is also, you will be glad to hear, about things we should take care of. Planet earth – sustainability – being the big one.)

Travelling through life without a map

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