Heard of ‘lady balls,’ have you? Apparently there are people in the advertising business who’d have you think that ‘lady balls’ is a thing. Running in cinemas near you, at least if you’re in Toronto, is an advocacy campaign about ovarian cancer. Good idea, or so you’d think. Except that the ad is built around a series of lady-jock exclamations – women should have the ‘lady balls’ to do this, the ‘lady balls’ to do that. Who comes up with this stuff?

Life is simply too short for bad language. And ‘lady balls’ truly is awful.

4 responses to “Ladyballs”

  1. It truly is a misuse of the English language. Not happy with it either.


    1. Kinda insulting, too. Assumes women want to be like, talk like, act like men. Such a forced, artificial, jarring term!


  2. a ridiculous term! As an ovarian cancer patient and survivor, I’d like to kick them in the balls


    1. I agree – I think the term is offensive. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comment!


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