The Last Colour Carbon Transfer Printer in Canada — Harrowsmith Now

John Bentley makes the rarest and most gorgeous carbon colour prints the eye can imagine – subtle, voluptuous, detailed, expressive – and is surely an undiscovered artist whose time has come. Rob and I are lucky to own one of his extraordinary prints, ‘Miracle of Order,’ which you will see in the video clip in this piece about the man and his work – if you have any interest in fine art, and in photography, do yourself a favour: read the article and watch the video.

In addition to being an artist of huge talent and integrity, John is also a friend and a lovely human being. If you’re interested in his art, and would like to get in touch with him, just let me know. And do refer others to his work, also – I would love to see him getting, finally, the attention and recognition he so hugely deserves.

via The Last Colour Carbon Transfer Printer in Canada — Harrowsmith Now.

2 responses to “The Last Colour Carbon Transfer Printer in Canada — Harrowsmith Now”

  1. shutupandsaysomething Avatar

    Thanks. The techical terminolgy motivated me to look it up how it differs from using chromogenic dyes.

    BTW, the Wikipedia page for the concept lists your friend as its last entry for practitioners.


    1. Thanks for the Wiki link – I’ll send it to John, in case he hasn’t seen it.


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