Life after aid work: Beating the addiction | Devex

A second instalment of the sad, true, disturbingly familiar account by Nathan Rabe of the aid world as cult or addiction, and what it means to to break with it all and start over. I can’t help but be reminded of what it was like working for NGOs and politically-aligned education think tanks in South Africa in the eighties and nineties – such hope and inspiration, on the one hand, and yet so much that was wrong – intellectually dishonest, manipulative, or just plain ignorant or incompetent – notwithstanding the nobility of purpose. The references, in Rabe’s article, to an ‘echo chamber,’ a closed, self-justificatory world, are especially depressing because so instantly recognisable. The sense when I left, not only of relief, but of cleansing, from some viral ideological infection,  was like a rebirth. via Life after aid work: Beating the addiction | Devex.