Good to go

We are packed, ready, and good to go. This evening we fly to Amsterdam, and onward tomorrow to Cape Town. Then it is a whirl of stag parties (ouch!), braais, family dinners, wedding, followed by a few blessed days in the Cederberg before Rob and I leave family behind and head on to Namibia and […]

Ice, not snow

Not snow, this morning. Ice. (Snow we haven’t seen in weeks). A thousand needles in the cold wind whipping down the streets. Crystals of ice splintering underfoot. Ice crackling in the trees, like static. Not at all like Vancouver Island, where Rob and I were hanging out this past weekend. Which I will tell you […]


Life is what happens, John Lennon said, when you’re busy with something else. I was downstairs in my office, working on my new business blog and website – take a look, here – Rob was down town having a massage, and Maria, our 80 year-old Italian neighbour was across the street, visiting neighbours. A quiet, […]

Troubling warnings for the US from the 1930s —

Keep Calm and Carry On, I say in this blog – but this is not always easy to do, as Edward Luce makes clear in this unsensational but troubling article on stagnating standards of living, acute inequality, and loss of faith in public institutions and the democratic political project that underpins the current electoral turmoil in the […]

Harvard researchers discovered the one thing everyone needs for happier, healthier lives – The Washington Post

For a blog that is at least in part about this business of ageing – and so, I guess, also concerned with the question, ‘what makes a good life’ and – tough one, this – ‘have I lived my life well’ – this piece on what makes for happiness in life simply has to be […]

Writer’s Funk

One of the best things that’s happened to me recently is to have been ill for two weeks. If you think that sounds odd, bear with me for a moment. I thought I had bronchitis – evidently my internet-researched self-diagnosis was a little off the mark, but I swear I was sick as a parrot […]