Travel Advisory

For the past week or so, I have been working on setting up a new business blog, for my consultancy work – please take a good look at it, here, and let me know what you think. One of the ‘pages’ offered by the WordPress theme I am using is for ‘testimonials’ – references and recommendations from clients. Cheesy as this seems, it seems essential in a context – Canada – where I am a newcomer and therefore almost unknown.

All of this – the setting up, the fine-tuning, the populating with content – is, for the moment at least, now done, and I can look forward to next week’s Higher Education Quality Council conference knowing that, when I hand out my new business card, with my new business email and other information, people can look me up and find a website that hopefully will say something meaningful about me and the kind of work that I do.

But first – tonight – Rob and I are leaving for an extended weekend away, of which more (with photos) to follow, at an appropriate time. And then the following weekend – Easter – we fly out to South Africa, via Amsterdam, for my son Jonathan’s wedding to Ms Hayley Thompson, on a wine farm near Paarl, in South Africa. This will be followed by some family time together in the Cederberg – it is a photo taken in the Cederberg that forms the masthead for this blog – and then, just Rob and me, the trip of a lifetime, on to the Etosha Pan in Namibia. We return to Cape Town, after our sojourn in the desert, to spend a weekend in Hermanus with my mother, before finally, towards the end of April, flying back to Canada. Where, as it happens, my citizenship application has been given the green light, and all that remains now is to attend the citizenship ceremony.

Service, as you might expect, may be interrupted, over the next couple of weeks, as we criss-cross the planet, but I will post when I can, with photographs, too.

Here is a sample: a photograph of Camps Bay, where I grew up, tinted and ‘antiqued.’ I have used this photo on the ‘testimonials’ page of the new blog.

It shows where I come from.

Camps Bay

2 responses to “Travel Advisory”

  1. Congrats on your citizenship approval! Have two great trips!


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