You’ve seen pictures of the wedding – here are some pictures of the Cederberg. In a lovely gesture, Hayley and Jonathan arranged for family and friends to join them for a couple of days in the wild and dramatic setting of the Cederberg Mountains, about two hours up the West Coast from Cape Town, for some R&R and getting-to-know-you. Worked like a charm – wonderful setting, great people, and very special to have time to get to know the ‘other’ side of the family.

I don’t have too many pics of the Cederberg to share, as most of our photos were on the two cameras that were stolen, but here are a couple that will give you just a glimpse of the environment.

This is also a tease: I have some pretty dramatics pics, also, of the incredible aerobatics that burst above our heads each morning, but that is the subject of another blog, and another sequence of photos.

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  1. Brilliant photos, so evocative. We’re planning to go to the Cederberg with UK friends in November, and your pics are an inspiration. What a great pity the others were lost.

    1. Thanks Ian. Taking your UKL friends to the Cederberg is a cool idea – hope they enjoy it! And try a visit to the Cederberg Winery – amazing drive up the pass (and alarming,too!) with a great payoff at the top!

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