The Okondeka Road

You know how it is, I have work to do – so here are a couple more photos taken along the road to Okondeka.

When it comes to procrastination, I am a master…

Gemsbok alarmOkondekaKerfuffleCompetition

4 responses to “The Okondeka Road”

  1. shutupandsaysomething Avatar

    Great shots!. However, if Trump sees these, he might demand that Namibia build walls to keep the different species apart!

    And no, I no longer know how it is and try, somewhat successfully, not to remember. Although I still will take assignments, for pay, if offered. 😉


    1. Will take photos for pay, given the chance! Am tired of education.


      1. shutupandsaysomething Avatar

        I assume that this is wishful thinking. I actually gave the idea serious consideration, when the Reagan administration all but killed off my public mental health career, in the 1980s.

        Three things discouraged me: (1) the outlay for the equipment one needs as a pro – with two of everything – around US $50K, today; (2) the need for specialized training, to jump start a mid-life career change – Tisch/NYU has a wonderful short/summer program, for about US $50K; and (3) the reality that you would need to do a steady stream of weddings, bar mitzvahs, and brises, to bring in cash, until you develop a reputation for your specialty.

        If successful – our late neighbor, was highly successful/sponsored by Nikon for equipemnt and travel, it can be great fun.


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