Fame at last

I missed it, but Rob’s eagle eye – over breakfast this morning, at the bottom of page L4 in the Life and Arts section of The Globe and Mail – spotted my photograph, just as it was about to be tossed into the recycling.

I had submitted the image last week, just for the fun of it – to be clear, this was not a competition, there is no jury, no fee or award – and had heard nothing back from Canada’s national daily, so had forgotten all about it. And it was a little thrill, to be honest, to see my image there in print, even though it is just one amongst the hundreds of reader photos that the Globe publishes every year, to keep its readers happy and its pages filled.

A published photographer at last, at the tender age of – well, old enough, anyway. Sweet! Here is the photo in question.

Breaking bad

8 responses to “Fame at last”

  1. That’s incredible dad! Well done!!


    1. Yay! thanks Eve 🙂


  2. Ta da! Sweet is right!


    1. Thank you Norah! (and how is our real artist doing – any news on the grant application?)


  3. And I can say I knew you when…….I’m sure you are now signing this photo and distributing it widely!! Enjoy your moment in the “Globe!” 🙂


    1. There is a discount for family 😉 Thanks Alida – best to you and Bob


  4. Welcome to the club! Yes, seeing your photos in print is a thrill! Well done, sir.


    1. I join an esteemed society, I see! Thank you 🙂


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