Opinion: A Disturbing Trend in Photography

Now here is someone who has said what I have been thinking about so much of the ‘modern’ (I guess post-modern?) photography I’ve been seeing recently, at exhibitions and in galleries and magazines:  a thoughtful unpacking of that nagging sense one has, that so much photography today is ‘conceptual’ – clever, in an arid, academic, anal, self-absorbed and narcissistic sense – and incapable of being ‘read’ or interpreted without a whole lot of self important interposing verbiage. Which is not to say that some kind of explication – via a title, or even a line or two, may not sometimes be helpful, may even enrich our appreciation and understanding – but not when the picture requires an essay in order to make head or tail of it. Which often, even then, it doesn’t.  Opinion: A Disturbing Trend in Photography