Lion, night, Okaukuejo

One night at Okaukuejo, it might have been our first night there, two male lions materialised out of the darkness, and stepped across the rough stones to the water and drank, in complete silence, before dissolving again, and vanishing into the night, as swiftly and unexpectedly as they had come. Some time later we heard them roaring in the darkness, not too far from the camp – one of those sounds that, once heard in the wild, you never forget.

I told you about this some time ago, remember?

I grabbed several photos, in the available light and the few available minutes: most of them were blurred, but here’s one that, despite – or perhaps because of – the softness and granularity, might just begin to communicate something of that incredible moment.

Lion at night, Okaukuejo

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  1. […] a rock or a stone ourselves. It grew darker, and the first stars appeared, and all around us were lions, the cubs playing in the gullies, the adults on all sides lifting their heads to emit that deep, […]


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