Second High Park capybara recaptured

A couple of enterprising capybara made headlines a few weeks ago, here in Toronto, by escaping from the High Park zoo and disappearing into the surrounding greenery. My theory is that they simply dressed up as tourists and mingled with the crowd, and ambled out of the zoo enclosure unchallenged and unspotted.

One of the capybara – we shall call him Stupid – was recaptured a while later, but capybara number two has remained on the lam – until now, that is. Clever Boy was picked up this morning – according to the authorities, near Grenadier Pond. But that is a cover up, I know: Clever Boy was really caught lurking incognito on a patio on Roncies, smoking a cigar and reading the newspaper.

I know, ‘cos I saw him.

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2 thoughts on “Second High Park capybara recaptured

    • Ah, Scotus! Do you think you could keep him on for a third term, perhaps? or send him off to the UK as the next Prime Minister? would make for an interesting historical reversal 🙂

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