Scenes near Rice Lake

Our friends Chris and Paul live on a small farm near Rice Lake, not far from the small village of Bailieboro, in the direction of Peterborough. We go there each year before Halloween for pumpkin carving, with a big gang of friends, and to eat, drink and hang out. Other times we just show up, perhaps for a game of croquet and a braai (barbecue to my fellow Canadians) and a walk in the fields or along the lanes.

These photos – like the picture entitled Farm, near Rice Lake, that I posted yesterday – were taken on our most recent visit, with Boyd and Joanne. Both were taken with the Leica Digilux, processed in Lightroom 6 and Silver Efex Pro, and printed on Ilford paper.

Here they are: Paul’s Barn, and Rain, near Rice Lake. I am including the picture of the farm again, so you can see the series. See what you think.

Farm, near Rice LakeRain, near Rice LakePaul's Barn

4 responses to “Scenes near Rice Lake”

  1. BRILLIANT!!!! My talented sweetheart!! Xxxx

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    1. Yay! glad you like ’em. And you get to see the real prints too, when you get home xxx


  2. shutupandsaysomething Avatar

    Especially love the building. I had been doing a series of these in rural Northeast PA, using Ilford 100 and a medium format camera, back in the early 80s. Had the lab push the processing to enhance contrast, back in the days of emulsion. Just starting to develop the equivalent skill in digital..

    Keep up the excellent efforts!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m still learning, working on my skills – guess one always is learning, anyway. Glad to hear you’re working at it too – let me encourage you in turn. Look forward to the results.


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