The Canada Day Weekend

Just so you know, the two photos below have nothing to do with the content that follows. I’ve included the photos, taken in Etosha, for no more reason than the fact that I have been having another trawl through my images, to see if there are any good ones there that I might have missed. It’s my blog, right? I can do what I want with it. So, ahem, we had a good Canada Day long weekend, eh? Yes? Everyone? Canada Day itself, the Friday, played itself perfectly. We had been planning a braai, or barbecue, so of course it rained like stink for much of the morning, and into the afternoon also. But then, just when I needed to get the fire on, and get my famous Cuban-style dry-rub pork ribs going, the rain cleared and the sun peered through clouds and everything turned hunky-dory. Boyd and Joanne showed up, the wine bottles were opened, the conversation flowed, and

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