A visit to Motown

You know that dream where you are about to sit for an exam, and you realise you haven’t been studying – worse than that, you realise that it’s maths, or chem, or even worse still, you don’t actually know what subject you’re writing? Well, there’s a variant on that nightmare, which is where you realise that your students are about to sit for their exams – and you haven’t actually been doing any teaching: you haven’t been in class, you haven’t marked their assignments, you haven’t prepared them at all. This must be a throwback, I think, to my guilt at having been such a poor teacher – and let me tell you, the ‘teacher’ nightmare is even more scary than the nightmare of failing.

So I rolled out of bed this morning – Rob is in Halifax, away on business – feeling a little bruised and discombobulated – in no fit condition to take anything meaningful forward. Instead, here is a look back at the weekend: I can report to y’all that we had a good time in Detroit, with sister-in-law Cynthia, along with a visit on the departure and return trips to Aunt Pat in Windsor (Aunt Pat is in good shape, and had us both chuckling) and a safe arrival back home on Monday evening. Oh, and by the way, I sailed through US Customs and Immigration with my new Canadian passport 🙂

While in Detroit we were treated by Cynthia to quite the meal at Republic – the top restaurant in the city, and in the top 100 in the US. Lunch the next day was a little more down-market – a Coney Island hotdog (squishy, and messy) at the best Coney Island dispensary in the city. Kinda fun, as you can see from the picture. And we had fun, too, exploring the Belle Isle park in the Detroit River, and admiring the fine fountain, newly restored and blazing white like the Taj Mahal in the summer heat and sunlight.

I’ve thrown in some shots from the Beatles exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum for good measure, and a shot of Rob doing her thing down at the Harbourfront on the Canada Day weekend.


Let me know what you think – comments and feedback are always welcome!

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