Family Updates

  • Kathy (my eldest daughter) just promoted Associate Director at Khulisa Management Services
  • and, just invited by the Department of Peformance Monitoring & Evaluation in the South African Presidency, to join a panel of 13 other evaluators to help design the 2o17 national evaluations
  • Eve (my youngest daughter) continuing to make progress on her PhD while preparing to present our families (ours and Shaun’s) with (in our case) our first grandchild, due 3 days after my birthday, on 5 August. A Leo!

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6 thoughts on “Family Updates

  1. Give my best to both Eve & Shawn on upcoming baby and Eve’s progress on her doctorate. Congrats to Kathy on her promotion and position on the Presidential panel.

  2. A grandchild and a new ‘job’ as well as family promotion. Good news all round Mike

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