Night photographs, Etosha

I have been experimenting, in B&W, with some of the images I took after dark, in Etosha, hoping to suggest something of the elusiveness, silence, otherness you sense when creatures materialise out of the shadows, and go about their business, before melting back into the darkness again.

All of this is work towards an ‘at home’ that Rob and I are planning for the fall, when we will hold an open-house event to show some of my pictures, along with some of the artefacts we brought back with us from our trip in April to South Africa and Namibia: for those who are interested, there will be items for purchase. More importantly, however, there will be wine, and snacks, and an opportunity just to say hi, to reconnect, to chat and relax and enjoy the last of the late summer.

Here are what I think are the two strongest night images, so far.

ChallengeNight swimming

5 responses to “Night photographs, Etosha”

  1. Love both of them. Can’t wait till my wall is graced by the other black and white photographs.


  2. Thanks to all for the ‘likes’ and for your comments. And welcome to those of you who have signed up to receive this blog. I appreciate your reading, and welcome your feedback!


  3. Wow. Your intention realised.


    1. Thanks Ian! Much appreciated.


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