Dunes, Namibia

I was browsing the other day through photos taken on our first trip to Namibia, back in 2006, when Rob and I had known each other for barely six months and she, to her friends’ dismay (horror?) had set off with this unknown South African in a Land Rover to tour the southern half of a desert country for three weeks – what was she thinking, they must have thought – and thought this particular image was interesting and a little different.

Not the dunes of Sossussvlei, but dunes inland (I think) from Swakopmund. What struck me about this image was the way the blown sand seemed like a stretched skin over the landscape – a kind of cosmic cling-wrap. That, and the surreal swirls and curves of the dunes themselves, the way the sand has just fallen away in places to create a sand-cliff, a pocket, a hollow, and then animal tracks, coming out of nowhere and heading nowhere….

Dunes, Namibia #1

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