Joshua Mark Kroukamp

To my smart, beautiful, wonderful daughter Eve, and her all-round great-guy husband Shaun Kroukamp, was born on Friday, 29th July, their first child, our first grandchild – and my mother’s first great-grandchild. Ten fingers, ten toes, and a cute little face – all’s well with the world!

A very happy day, much relief and delight all round – Rob and I can’t wait to meet the little fella, and to congratulate his mom and dad and give them some big, warm, heartfelt hugs.

My youngest daughter, a mother….!!


4 responses to “Joshua Mark Kroukamp”

  1. Many, many congratulations on your first grandchild . It must feel really wonderful. All the Beat Mike and Janie X

    Professor Mike Campbell OBE Skills and Labour Market Advisor


    Tel: +44(0)7557 382128


    Twitter: @mikecampbell3

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    1. We are really thrilled, relieved, delighted. Thanks so much for the good wishes. Best regards, Glen and family


  2. shutupandsaysomething Avatar

    A new item for your resume: gandfatrher. BTW, what will Joshua call you?


    1. Sir?

      That’s a joke, okay?



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