‘Last Cab to Darwin’ – Distilled

The journey as meme or trope, the road trip as its modern, especially American manifestation – these are familiar from Homer onwards. In ‘Last Cab to Darwin,’ an Aussie film set in Broken Hill, Darwin and the great outback, a cab driver (Rex) ¬†traverses the landscape, human, physical, and metaphorical, picking up travellers, adventures and misadventures along the way, as he drives towards his final destiny – only to find that where he really needs to go is not the place he’s been heading towards.

To call the¬†film ‘heart warming’ is to miss both its grittiness and the occasional dollop of saccharine, but that’s what you’re left with: a movie that stays with you, long after its ending. Marvellous performances from Michael Caton as Rex, and Ningali Lawford as his aboriginal partner; also Mark Coles Smith as the delightful rogue, Tilly.

Director: Jeremy Sims

Verdict: They don’t often make ’em like this. Go see it.

A cold bloody lager