Walvis Bay

Twenty miles south of Swakopmund, along the coastal road, lies Walvis Bay, of minor historical significance (it remained a British enclave during the German colonial period, and was incorporated into the newly-fledged Union of South Africa in 1910) but no real charm or appeal. The lagoon, however, offers some of the best bird watching in Southern Africa, and supports almost half of the region’s flamingoes. There is also a salt works, which in the coastal light can provide some interesting images – a Canadian might be reminded of snowfields.

I thought I would include in this post a photo of Rob, sunburned and Laurence-of-Arabia-ish as she photographs the desert.

One response to “Walvis Bay”

  1. […] Flamingoes alighted on the Sunday morning at Marievale, drawing out a dozen or more of us birdwatchers and photographers, tripods and telephoto lenses lined up along the narrow road across the vlei, binoculars glinting, a palpable excitement in the air. […]


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