Two images: Georgian Bay, Muskoka

When I have time, perhaps next week, perhaps later, I plan on pulling together a portfolio on boatbuilding in Muskoka: the most beautiful boats and canoes you can imagine are built and repaired there. Some of the motor boats with their varnished hulls and brass fittings date to the 1930s, and could have come straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald, or On Golden Pond.

In the meanwhile, here are two black-and-white images, of one of Georgian Bay, the other of a diving platform on a lake in Muskoka.

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2 responses to “Two images: Georgian Bay, Muskoka”

  1. They seem to have failed to load. The email notice had no images.


    1. Sorry about that. I loaded the pictures as a slide show – you’ll have to follow the link to the blog to see them. Lesson noted – will revert to posting images as before. Thanks for letting me know.


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