US election: Nobody is talking about climate change —

In a post-factual world, where the term ‘expert’ is derided, people believe what they want to believe – which means believing what suits their education, their belief systems, their prejudices and their wallets. Yet climate change isn’t something you vote on. It’s a fact, and it’s coming to a place near you, near me, and near all of us.

Remember the boiling frog syndrome? The frog doesn’t notice that the temperature in the pool he is in is gradually rising, because his body gradually acclimatizes. Next thing it’s too late to leap out, and he is boiled alive.

via US election: Nobody is talking about climate change —

Dance of the Machines

We were walking home from dinner at Live the other night, on Rob’s birthday, when we passed Leal’s Rental: out front in the yard were multi-coloured boom lifts (I had to look that up, okay?) and they looked like they were dancing. Fortunately I had the Leica D-Lux with me.

Colour or B&W? Your choice.