US election: Nobody is talking about climate change —

In a post-factual world, where the term ‘expert’ is derided, people believe what they want to believe – which means believing what suits their education, their belief systems, their prejudices and their wallets. Yet climate change isn’t something you vote on. It’s a fact, and it’s coming to a place near you, near me, and near all of us.

Remember the boiling frog syndrome? The frog doesn’t notice that the temperature in the pool he is in is gradually rising, because his body gradually acclimatizes. Next thing it’s too late to leap out, and he is boiled alive.

via US election: Nobody is talking about climate change —

4 responses to “US election: Nobody is talking about climate change —”

  1. From the home of the “hockey stick” graph, ya noticed that did ya? As usual, the thoughts of H. L. Mencken, on the nature of the American populace, comes to the fore.


    1. And did the good Mencken say?


      1. Obviously, famous in the U.S. does not necessarily mean famous everywhere. H. L. Mencken, aka “the sage of Baltimore,” was a notably successful autodidact. He became a recognized scholar of the American language, as distinct from English spoken elsewhere, and coined the nickname “the Monkey Trial,” for the infamous, landmark Scopes trial, in Tennessee in 1925, for teaching evolution in the schools,

        He is one of the more quotable and colorful authors on the American way of life. He coined the phrases, describing the typical American: booboisie and Boobus Americanus.

        My favorite phrase is: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.



        1. Thanks for the illumination. Mencken I had heard of, but only as a name, not content. Nor did I get the reference – which I appreciate, now that you’ve spelled it out for me.


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