I wrote yesterday about Prince Edward County; I omitted to say that we love it in both summer and winter. In winter PEC is a veritable chocolate-box of Christmassy images (I know, getting a little sentimental here, but if you visited, you’d see what I mean) while summer is pure pastoral simplicity.

Here are two sets of contrasting images; each pair in both colour and black and white, and each reflecting a different season.

Which do you prefer?

The trees and the ferry route, incidentally, are from the area around Picton.


Posted by Glen Fisher

Writer, photographer. Education and skills consultant.


  1. Both are unique in their own way. Stunning vistas!



  2. Winter is amazing here, especially when the snow has not yet been disturbed. Now driving the County roads is another thing and another conversation altogether.



    1. PEC in winter is lovely, I agree – and in spring, summer and autumn!

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      1. It’s pretty much wonderful year round, 🙂 Great place to live.


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