Songs of Innocence

It’s a truism, but one of the things you miss as your children become adults and you yourself, along with your friends and family and their children, too, grow older, is the innocence of children, their capacity for undiluted excitement and wonder. As a new grandfather, who has yet to hold his grandson in his arms because his grandson and his daughter and son-in-law are on another continent, not just in another country, I have been feeling this acutely.

Perhaps this is why I take so much pleasure in these two images. There was a street yard sale in a little lane across the road from us, a few weeks ago, and this little girl had set out her stall and was waiting for customers. I saw the two little boys at the Aquarium the other day, when I took my wife’s nephew, who was visiting from Detroit, to see it.

Travelling through life without a map

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