For the rest of this week I will be working on a big project proposal; next week I will be attending a course at Ryerson, run by the Canadian Evaluation Society. Then back to the proposal, which is due in mid-October but will absorb a good deal of time from a team scattered across Spain and South Africa, not to mention yours truly in Canada.

It is likely, therefore, that normal blog service will be interrupted.

By way of apology (may the picture speak louder than words) here is a winter image from Prince Edward County. There will be more when I return.


Travelling through life without a map

2 thoughts on “Hiatus

    • Thanks for the good wishes – I would really like the bid I am involved in to be successful – it would mean a return to SA for a few years as well as an income. Appreciate your comments on the photo, as always. Hope you and Pam are well.

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