Of Barns and Bluejays

A bluejay flew onto our back deck this morning; a gift. You hardly ever see a bluejay in our part of town.

I was taking a break from working on a proposal, having a coffee, my first day working from home this week, after an intensive four-day programme on evaluation, held downtown at Ryerson University by the Canadian Evaluation Society. And there it was – confident, assertive, with a round yellow globe in its open beak. An unripe cherry, maybe, from the cherry tree opposite, on the other side of the lane.

We are in the beginning of fall, although the weather has been warm; grey today, and cooler; raining lightly. You sense the world turning. Earth-bound, I watched as the bird flew away.

Here is my little flight from reality: another two barns, from the Prince Edward County Barn Quilt Trail.

2 responses to “Of Barns and Bluejays”

  1. A nice respite from your work schedule. Love all the barns. 😺❤️🍷


    1. Glad you like ’em! Now back to the grindstone 🙂


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