Sully: Distilled

How do you make a movie worth watching about an event that everyone has seen already, in countless TV and internet images and stories? The story is ‘the miracle on the Hudson,’ the extraordinary landing by Captain Chesley Sullenberger of an Airbus A320 on New York’s Hudson River, after a bird strike crippled his aircraft shortly after takeoff from La Guardia airport.

Well, you make a familiar story worth watching through sympathetic screen writing, deft and restrained direction by Clint Eastwood, respect for the people and the situation, not to mention a superb, utterly convincing performance by Tom Hanks as Sulley.

This could so easily have been bad, but it was terrific, especially in Imax. Brace for impact!

Director: Clint Eastwood

With: Tom Hanks as the captain

Verdict: Ode to courage. Homage to professionalism. You’ll need a stiff whisky for this one!

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4 thoughts on “Sully: Distilled

  1. It is such a comment on the sometimes disconnect between artistic sensibilities and anything resembling analystical intelligence. I am always confounded when Eastwood, that doddering piece of shite on all things social, political, and governmental, produces yet another cinematic masterpiece.

    • Indeed. I loathe everything to do with his politics etc etc – and yet put him in the director’s chair…. We know, don’t we, that there are many fine artists who are horrible people. Case in point.

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