There is a drifting grey rain outside our house in downtown Toronto, a harbinger of fall. Working on another proposal, for a project in South Africa, my thoughts drift back, across the ocean, and I find myself in Lightroom, searching through photos.

These three are from last November, when I was in Johannesburg and Pretoria, working on another project: I had persuaded my daughters to take me on a day trip to the Pilanesberg, a two-hour drive to the north of us, so I could soak in the sun, the landscape, the wildlife, and take a few photos which I could share with Rob when I got back home to Toronto.

I had been traveling for a month, from Canada to Australia and on to South Africa, and the only camera I had with me was the little Leica C-Lux, with its tiny sensor – the camera which was stolen, in fact, on our trip to Namibia last April.

If there is anything at all remarkable about these images it is simply how sharp they are -the Leica C is not the camera you would choose for wildlife photography, and all three images have been cropped – in the case of the croc, with the impala in the top left corner, and the goofy-looking giraffe, quite severely.

I share these with you, not as great photos, but like the rain outside, bits of memory and association.

4 responses to “Pilanesberg”

  1. The pictures are truly amazing and make me hope for another trip to South Africa and a few neighboring countries.


      1. Thanks for your feedback, glad you are following. Enjoyed your photos, too!


  2. Great photos, thanks for sharing! Wildlife in Pilanesberg is abundant, and place is so close to the city! Stay in touch, following your blog!


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