Thanksgiving hiatus

This is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, as my Canadian but not necessarily my non-Canadian friends and family will know. Cynthia, my wife’s sister, is visiting from Detroit; on Sunday my son Jonathan and his wife Hayley fly in to Billy Bishop airport from New York. We will have a lovely, family Thanksgiving together, with lots to be thankful for, and then on Monday I will drive with Jono and Hayley down to the States, to Ithaca and the Fingerlakes for a few days’ vacation.

Rob won’t be coming, alas – Ann of Green Gables forbids it – but I am looking forward to it. The big South Africa proposal is in, to all intents and purposes, a new, short term proposal has suddenly popped into view, and it will be a good time to unwind and (hopefully) enjoy the fall colours before (again, hopefully) another spate of mad (paid) activity begins.

Which is to say, amongst other things, that there will be a week’s hiatus in the life (such as it is) of this blog, while I spend time relaxing with family. When I return, it will be with photographs to share, and who knows, some news and stories

Oh, and by the bye, here’s a question: I’ve posted these two images before, but now Rob and I are thinking of printing them on fabric and turning them into cushion covers – gifts for someone, things we could sell. What do you think of the idea, and what do you think of these images as throw-cushions? The zebra will be an oblong cushion cover, 12″ by 20″, and the elephant a square, 18″ by 18″.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!