Watkins Glen and Fingerlakes

The trouble with holidaying in the US is dealing with the folks at the border. Despite his Irish passport, and my Canadian one, my son was pulled over for questioning, and then I was pulled over, and all in all an hour was wasted, completely unnecessarily, by some ill-mannered jackass with nothing better to do than harass perfectly legit visitors to his country. Mind you, it’s not just the individual – there seems to be┬ásomething in the organizational culture that badly needs fixing.

The good thing about holidaying in the US is that, once you’ve got through the border, and shaken off the sense of abuse and denigration that seems invariably to accompany the process, the place opens up, and there’s so much to see and to do.

In our case, after our family Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto, it was a cottage on Lake Seneca in the Fingerlakes that beckoned, a stroll through the small town of Watkins Glen, a hike into the Watkins Glen State Park with its gorgeous ravines and waterfalls and hints of fall colours, a day trip to Ithaca, and a visit to a few of the local wine farms. The area is riesling country, and we tasted some very good examples; the chardonnays were pretty decent, also. The reds, though, not so much.

Here are a couple of photos, to announce the resumption of blog service; pics of my son Jonathan and his wife, Hayley and, just as a taster, one of the morning fog over Lake Seneca, just below our cottage, and another of a rock pool in the State Park. More photos will follow.