Taughannock Falls State Park

With the Subaru resting after liposuction at the clinic – quietly parked at our cottage, with a nice view over Seneca Lake – the intrepid explorers (Hayley, Jono, me, Steve and Amelia) crammed into the Steve-and-Amelia Mazda for a day trip to Ithaca, with a stop-off en route at the Taughannock Falls State Park, supposedly to see the main waterfall, which was there, in the sense of a tall gash in the rock, but not much of a fall because there wasn’t much water.

The foliage on the way, however, was more autumnal, and the climbing hills were really quite lovely, and on our walk in to the falls I gathered up some photographs, as you can see here.

Oh, and there is also a stray shot of a field above Watkins Glen, not to mention a belated link to the Watkins Glen State Park.

5 responses to “Taughannock Falls State Park”

  1. Lovely. I love fall colours…(Suzanne)


    1. Thank you 🙂 The fall colours are lovely, aren’t they?!


  2. Weather seems to have cooperated. Stunning vistas awaited you.


  3. Great compositions and processing!


    1. Thanks again! It’s always nice to get feedback from a fellow photographer.


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