My New Portfolio

If you read this blog – and more important, if you enjoy my photos – then do please take a look at the portfolio I have just set up, on Adobe Portfolio: it’s a great way to see the images at scale!

You can see it here, at (please click on this post to open it – the live link to my portfolio will then show).

Remember to bookmark the site so you can check back in and see what I’m up to!



3 responses to “My New Portfolio”

  1. Couldn’t open link. Will try again


    1. Hi there – sorry about that! I’ve just checked the link, and it does seem to be working correctly. Please click on the front page clip from the article to go to the full posting, and click on the portfolio link there. it should work, hopefully – let me know if it works out! Thanks for letting me know.

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      1. Happens sometimes . Would love to check it out. Thanks


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