Fork in the Road

When you come to a fork in the road, take it, said Yogi Berra – and if that isn’t a piece of advice befitting Samuel Becket and Waiting for Godot I don’t know what is. Kinda sums up the existential dilemma. Problem is, we live our lives forwards, not backwards, so we never know whether the choices we are making are the right ones, at least not until it’s too late, nor do we have any idea whether the road not taken would have been better, or worse, or just landed up elsewhere. Which is why, I guess, the path, the journey, the fork in the road, are such potent cultural memes and symbols.


4 responses to “Fork in the Road”

  1. Do you know what the Yogi actually meant? If not, this is more sensical than it reads. Apparently, he had a rural home at the end of a private road. At one point, the road construction split around a tree rather than take it down. As it was a private road, it did not matter which side of the fork you chose.


    1. I didn’t know, so thank you. From an existential standpoint, an even more interesting quote or anecdote!

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