The work I’ve been doing this year to improve my photo-processing and printing skills has been paying off, I think, in the form of images and prints that, to my mind at least, are beginning to go beyond just representation, to the beginnings of a way of seeing and a form of expression.

Thus emboldened, I have begun to look back through old files of photos: here are some images from the Okavango Delta, where Rob and I began our honeymoon back in December 2o1o. In some cases, I’ve offered both colour and black-and-white versions of the same image – see what you think of them.

All of the photos were taken from a makoro, or dug-out canoe: the appearance of the hippos at eye-level, just a hundred yards away, made for a rather heart-stopping moment!

Over the next few days I’ll be posting a few more photographs, from Chobe and the Zambezi River.


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