Twelve photographs of Madrid

Twelve photographs of Madrid

I am back as of last night from a week in Madrid, full of a thick, gooey cold (I know, you don’t need to know that) but otherwise none the worse for wear. Work went well, and I absolutely fell in love with the city. They know how to live, those Madrilenos, that much is evident, and when I have time, which won’t be for a while as my in-tray is pretty full at the moment, I may have to say more about it.

For the moment, however, these images will have to speak for me.


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  1. […] Our reward at the end of each day is a small piece of creative time: Rob does her collages in what will soon no longer be her downstairs studio; upstairs, I work on a few photographs. If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Flickr or Instagram (grief, I am going to have to get a grip on all this social media time-wasting) you may recognise these images from a series I have posted on Chris and Paul’s farm near Bailieboro, in the Kawarthas, and my series on Madrid. […]


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