Au revoir Toronto

What better way to say au revoir Toronto than with three big XXXs in the sky above Roncies? Toronto, and Canada, have been good to me, and to us: I will miss our friends, and the weather, and the frolicking by the seaside and on the high mountains – wait, oops, that would be Cape Town, I guess!

Anyway folks, I fly out this evening, for sunny South Africa, and on Thursday night will greet my daughters and my sons in law and my new grandson in Johannesburg. Rob will follow at the end of February.

But, we will be back, and we will keep in touch, as we hope you will. This blog will be one way of keeping you posted, so Carry on Reading!

Au revoir, arrivederci XXX



13 responses to “Au revoir Toronto”

  1. Just curious. What are you doing with the Toronto residence for the four years?


    1. Eve and Shaun (and Josh) will be staying there, at least at first.


      1. As I assiumed. Any timeline for their transition?


        1. They will probably arrive some time towards the end of May. How long they stay will depend on where and when they find work, I imagine.


  2. Have a safe trip and much success in your new job. Watch over yourself and Rob. Hope to see you again in South Africa in a couple of years and possibly on a journey back to Toronto.
    Lots of Love to my favorite brother-in -law.


    1. Thanks Cynth. Hope to see you soon 🙂


  3. Have a safe trip and send us lots of pictures of South Africa…(Suzanne)


  4. […] Rob and I agree, there is something unreal about our lives right now. This odd sense of unreality rests, uneasily, on a simple fact: after more than four years of living in South Africa, we are just six months away from packing up our rented townhouse in Johannesburg, moving out and – Covid willing – getting onto a plane to return to Toronto. […]


  5. […] and I had flown out from Toronto, Jonnie and Hayley were visiting from the UK, Eve and Shaun had not yet emigrated to Canada, Kath […]


  6. […] We snipped another month off our wall calendar on Saturday, the first day of May, leaving just four months to go before we pack up and leave our house in Johannesburg and begin the long journey home, to Toronto. […]


  7. […] as box by box we pack up our Parkmore townhouse, and wonder where everything will go, in our little Toronto abode, keeping an eye out meanwhile on the latest travel advisories and the Covid numbers, both […]


  8. […] stuff we want to keep is on its way, first by road to the coast, then onto a ship, via Rotterdam to Toronto. The stuff we don’t want to keep, or really don’t need, is in the process of being farmed out […]


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