Slipping back into the moment

Coming home to South Africa is like slipping into old clothes, and I have been wearing these familiar garments for a week now. Hard to think (I wrote this on Thursday) that it is barely a week since I left Toronto.

The most joyous part has been reconnecting with my daughters, and their husbands, and meeting my beautiful, happy, chortling grandson. New worlds lie in his chubby little hands and beatific smile – long may he live to explore and enjoy them!

As for me, I can see already that being a grandfather is a whole new experience, and a sly but painless welcoming to my own second childhood…

Work-wise (what an awful phrase – the adding of ‘-wise’ to words as a kind of all-embracing explainer is a crime and should be punished) all has been good – but it is family that matters.

This one image should say it all. Eve and Joshua.





2 responses to “Slipping back into the moment”

  1. Wonderful – what are those eyes seeing?


    1. Is it Keat’s who wrote ‘silent upon a peak in Darien’ – or words to that effect?


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