Sitting in Cape Town, thinking of Havana

So I have come to the end of a week in Cape Town – a round of project inception meetings with officials and academics, dinners out with my 85 year old mother or quiet evenings at home watching The Crown on Netflix, calls on FaceTime to my wife in Toronto, and – stealing a few moments here and there – working on my photos from Havana.

And so it is, I guess, that we inhabit multiple places, multiple eras. Echoes of ‘radical economic transformation,’ from this week’s State of the Nation address, provide a ghostly, sardonic music to accompany the photos – if you want radical economic transformation, try Cuba.

Yet these scenes, and the people in them, ask you to relate, not comment: other people, getting on with their lives, on their own special island.

Travelling through life without a map

4 thoughts on “Sitting in Cape Town, thinking of Havana

  1. Especially for the older buildings you shoot, the b/w is wonderful. Nevertheless, I believe one can improve on perfection. Therefore, have you thought about trying some in sepia or in some of the tints that older processes produced?

    • Actually, the photographs all have a ‘coffee’ tint, applied during processing in Silver Efex Pro. I find it more subtle than sepia, and still warmer than ‘pure’ B&W 🙂

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