Bosque de La Habana

The Bosque de La Habana tells you something about the city. A patch of shady woodland along the banks of the Rio Almedares, it is crossed at one end by a picturesque stone bridge. Drawn by the bridge, and the shade, and the river below, the open Chevies and Buicks in their bright colours gather, with their cargoes of tourists.

But the bridge is crumbling, the grotto is littered, the stream a stinking grey intestine. The drivers pull in, nonetheless, and the assembly of vintage automobiles, and the luxuriant foliage, and the scattered light filtering through the leaves and branches, make it all seem romantic. But you can’t help wondering – at the neglect, at the lack of maintenance, the pollution, the seeming absence of initiative to fix the place up and – at the same time – the easy charm and resilience.

Life goes on, it seems, despite tourists and communism, and the old cars retain their air of romance, even if they are markers of isolation and impoverishment rather than celebrations of heritage.


3 responses to “Bosque de La Habana”

  1. These cars evoke a sense of nostalgia. The black & white images make them more striking! ❤😺


    1. Glad you like ’em. Take care of my wife when she gets back to you tonight 🙂


  2. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    Hells bells, I remember RIDING in some of those models when they were new. And if you saw any 1957 Pontiac Chieftans….my first car.

    The ’56 Chevy Belaire was a big seller. And my mother’s father drove one of the Buicks in the photos.


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