Your weekend post

Your upcoming post this weekend will feature the cars of Havana – cars which are not just cars, but markers and expressions of a society, an economy, a particular history.

This Chevy truck is not a car, obviously – but deserves a place, perhaps, as a kind of precursor or foreword. No matter how glamorous, how retro, the car in Havana – like the truck, the motorcycle with sidecar, the crazy coco-taxi – is a workhorse.

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2 responses to “Your weekend post”

  1. Argh! Am I old. Actually, the Chevy pickups from the late 40s through the mid-50s were so well-designed and built that they ran almost forever, even in the U.S.

    I spent the summer of 1968 driving a 3-on-the-column, straight-6, ’47 open-cab, short-body Chevy pickup, modified to carry a freezer box. Sold ice cream. I could put it in first and it literally would drive itself at 8 kph, allowing me to wartch for kids coming out of houses, as I rang the jinglebells.


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