En route to Jo’burg!

Well, not quite en route – but exactly a week today, my sweetpea climbs onto a plane in Toronto, bound for Schiphol, and from there on to Johannesburg, arriving home (yes, this is home, too) on Wednesday evening, at around 10 pm.

Now there will be those of you, I know, amongst our Canadian, North American and UK friends especially, who think Jo-burg is some kind of urban jungle – a cross between Harlem and Serengeti, if you will – so I thought it might be useful to share a few pictures….

These were taken while walking on Sunday with Kathy and Gareth, my daughter and son-in-law, near the Emmarentia Dam, in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. Just a few happy snaps, to say welcome home babe, and safe travels.

I’ve called the photos ‘Kathy and Gareth’ (warm fuzzy photo), ‘walkies,’ ‘fetching sticks,’ ‘first pond,’ ‘foresty bits,’ and ‘purple things.’ See if you can figure out which is which 🙂


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