Canadians who might be wondering where their late, unlamented prime minister has gone to ground can be assured: he is alive and well and living in our townhouse complex here in Parkmore, Johannesburg. He has even gotten a little funky, or funkier – his wifi router, which comes up whenever we log in to our own wifi, is HarperStevo. And you thought Stephen Harper was such a boring guy! In other news, we have moved into our new hOuse (as you will have deduced): Rob has been an absolute hero, unpacking and finding homes for things, while I sit in my study upstairs trying to catch up on work. Which has kept me pretty busy, I might add – 5.30 am starts and working most of the weekend, to make up for the time I have spent finding us a house in the first place, not to mention buying a car, finding and signing up with a security company, organising insurance,

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