Dateline Johannesburg

Dateline Johannesburg: Tuesday, 28 February

With Rob arriving tomorrow from Toronto, and moving house on Friday – not to mention my workload – there will be little time over the next week or ten days for photography and blogging. So I thought I should get in early, and schedule a post for Sunday: (almost) my last post of images from Havana.

I have one more series of images in mind, of Havana’s Malecon, the 8 km esplanade that runs from the harbour mouth in Old Havana along the coast to Vedado. And, when I have time, I will set up an Havana portfolio online, in Behance and Adobe Portfolio.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these images – and think of us, as you do so, unpacking and settling into our new home in Jo’burg.

4 responses to “Dateline Johannesburg”

  1. Welcome to Rob and all the best for this new phase.


    1. Thanks Ian. It’s lovely to have Rob here and great to be back in SA for a time. Looking forward to seeing you and Pam.


  2. Makes me want to go to Cuba. Have fun getting settled into your new abode. Lots of Love to you both and the family.❤😻


    1. Well, we’re in! Boxes everywhere, lots still to do, but it’s lovely to be in our own place and setting up house together 🙂


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