Canadians who might be wondering where their late, unlamented prime minister has gone to ground can be assured: he is alive and well and living in our townhouse complex here in Parkmore, Johannesburg. He has even gotten a little funky, or funkier – his wifi router, which comes up whenever we log in to our own wifi, is HarperStevo. And you thought Stephen Harper was such a boring guy!

In other news, we have moved into our new hOuse (as you will have deduced): Rob has been an absolute hero, unpacking and finding homes for things, while I sit in my study upstairs trying to catch up on work. Which has kept me pretty busy, I might add – 5.30 am starts and working most of the weekend, to make up for the time I have spent finding us a house in the first place, not to mention buying a car, finding and signing up with a security company, organising insurance, and so on and so on.

Still, each day we make the progress, as we like to say, and by the time Rob returns to Toronto – my gosh, two weeks from now! – we should be pretty shipshape and settled.

It’s not been all work and no play, though: just in the last couple of days we have had a braai at Kathy and Gareth’s, with his parents Liz and Richard who had come up from Port Elizabeth for Kathy’s baby shower, which took place on Sunday (Rob, of course, was in there doing her bit to help out with the setup). And tomorrow Eve and Shaun come here for a braai; a trip to a bush-pub in the Magaliesberg has been planned for Sunday, and the following weekend – her last before Rob flies back to Toronto – we are bringing my mom up from Cape Town for a family visit. It will be a happy yet bitter-sweet occasion: the first time she’ll have met Joshua, her great-grandson, and also the last before Eve and Shaun emigrate in April to Canada. Who knows when – or if – we will all be together again?

To mark the occasion, we are taking everyone – Eve, Shaun, my mom, Kathy and Gareth – for Sunday lunch at Roots, which is where, as you might know, Rob and I were married.

Photos will follow.

8 responses to “HarperStevo”

  1. Things appear to be falling into place. Wonderful news! ❤😺


    1. They are, indeed, with much appreciation to Rob! Hope you are well.


  2. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    So within how many months will you have become a grandfather x3? Such excellent news for such a wonderful and expanding family!


    1. 3 within a 12 month period. And the eldest child is the son of my youngest. So the last shall be first 🙂

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      1. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
        Mark Lafer Consulting

        Of course, none shall be last.


  3. You do keep illustrious company! I do enjoy reading/seeing your blogs. Take care Mike

    Professor Mike Campbell OBE

    International Labour Market Consultant

    Email: profmikec@aol.com

    Tel: +44(0)7557 382128

    Web: professormikecampbell.com

    Twitter: @mikecampbell3


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    1. Nice to hear from you Mike. Keep in touch 🙂


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