Contemplating Havana’s Malecon…

The Vedado end of the eight-or-so kilometre Malecon in Havana has a very different feel to it, from the more grandly built-up and fortified stretch toward the harbour mouth. Crumbling apartment buildings face across the dual carriageway, and the sea that crashes coldly into the rocks seems a metaphor for isolation and banishment. People sit on the battered sea-wall, or stare in vain at the horizon, as if waiting for something – the future? – to appear.

Here is a final set of images.

3 responses to “Contemplating Havana’s Malecon…”

  1. Beautiful images. Reminds me of the sections of San Francisco, just beyond the Embarcadero, that had not been rejuvenated as of the 1990s.


  2. […] me even more right now is a portfolio I am putting together, from our 2016/17 New Year’s trip to Havana, just before I flew out to South Africa to start my new […]


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