Family Matters

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s only last Tuesday that Eve and Shaun and little Joshua boarded their plane en route to Toronto. I was up until the small hours of Thursday morning, waiting for confirmation that they had landed and got through immigration. Their departure was always going to be stressful, but it had turned out a near disaster, with Eve needing to get an electronic travel authorization, at the very last moment, even though she was travelling on an Irish passport, and had been led to believe that no other documentation was needed. So it’s perhaps understandable that I was on tenterhooks in case there was any last minute screw-up with their paperwork when they landed at Pearson!

All was well, fortunately, and although it took a little time, they not only got through in one piece but emerged with their social insurance numbers already in hand, meaning that they could do all sorts of useful things right away, like opening a bank account and applying for employment.

Not that that was on their minds immediately – by all accounts, they were totally exhausted and only too  happy to go straight to sleep.

A fortnight before they left, Rob and I had brought my mother up from Cape Town so that she could meet her great grandson for the first time before he flew off to the other side of the world to become Canuck. I took a zillion photos and haven’t even begun to sort through them. But here is one for the record, captured quite literally in the very first moments of their initial encounter.

First meeting, mom and Josh # 1

What with the first meeting with Joshua, and the whole Kroukamp – Canada adventure, Kathy and Gareth have taken a bit of a back seat in these recent family postcards – you’ll pardon the mixed (horribly mangled!) metaphor – but they have been very much in my thoughts too, and all the more so as Kathy approaches her own big – no, her own HUGE moment.

You can see what I’m talking about in the photo below, taken on the same day I took a photo of Josh and his great-grandmother – the celebration, after all, took place in Kathy’s backyard.

Kathy # 1

4 responses to “Family Matters”

  1. Certainly glad all is well with everyone. Can’t wait to meet Joshua myself. 👶❤️😺


  2. Like does not come close to the pleasure this post and the photos of your daughters, mum, and grandchild gave me. You are a most fortunate fellow and deservedly so.


  3. […] has been a good trip. Seeing my mom, alone, would have made it worthwhile, after more than a year since the last time we saw her, and […]


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