Thomas Blake Tjasink

Thomas Blake Tjasink was delivered safely into the world today, into the joyous arms of Kathy and Gareth. The universe has smiled on my first-born daughter and her husband at last, after so much heartache and disappointment – and I, silly me, have tears of joy and gratitude in my eyes as I write this. My first born has her first born, and so the wheel of life turns through its cycle. Blessings on you all, my love for you is overwhelming.

4 responses to “Thomas Blake Tjasink”

  1. I am so overjoyed for both Kathy and Gareth! This is truly wonderful news indeed. The baby 👶 is certainly in for a life of love ❤️. Congrats to the new Grandad, Glenn! Being a grandparent is the best! Love to all of you.


    1. thanks Cynth. Everyone is overjoyed 🙂


  2. Heartfelt congratulations, Glen and Rob, and Kathy and Gareth! Ian


    1. Thank you Ian – deeply appreciated.


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